About Us

Our desire is to build quality relationships that result in quality referrals

Why Choose Us


Passionate Energy

Our goal is to form lasting relationships and ensure business growth. We come together each week with a fiery passion for professionalism and encouragement of fellow members.


Expert Advisors

We have many experts on our team that offer advice in different fields to help you and your business grow to new heights.


Growth Mindset

We want our members to leave each meeting fully charged to take on the rest of their week.  Massive growth is the product of a positive, determined mindset.

We Want to Inspire and Motivate You to Achieve Your Goals

What We Bring To The Table

Greater Sales

Here at TNP we want to sharpen each other and generate more business for each other. When you join our team our goal is to get more money into your pocket!

More Referals

We believe in having one-on-ones and passing personal referrals to each other. When we pour into our relationships and into our customers everybody benefits.


We pledge to sharpen you as an individual, a business owner, or whatever your role may be. When you leave TNP you will be better prepared to take on those greater challenges in life!

We Want to Inspire And Motivate You to Achieve Your Goals